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Water softeners can completely transform your lifestyle. As well as keeping your central heating system, dishwasher and washing machine free from limescale build-up, it will also help you save on bathing products, and can even help to relieve skin conditions such as eczema. If you are leaning towards the idea of having a water softener installed in your home, then we can help. Southern Counties Watersoftener Services Ltd supply and install a range of water softening units from all the leading brands. Our prices are affordable, and we also offer ongoing maintenance and salt supplies. To book a free no-obligation consultation for water softener systems in Salisbury, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Somerset and across the South of England, call our team for professional advice and water softening solutions that will truly amaze you.

Do I Need a Water Softener System in My Home?

If you have hard water then the answer is yes. Once you have had a water softener installed into your home, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Benefits include:

  • Water tastes better.
  • Soap, shampoos, washing up liquids and detergents last a lot longer.
  • Your dishes will sparkle due to less mineral residue.
  • Your central heating system will not clog up from limescale deposits.
  • You can save on water heating energy bills as your heating system will run more efficiently.
  • Washing machines and dishwasher elements will not be exposed to limescale deposit, so will last longer and will be less likely to break down.
  • Soft water can help relieve skin ailments including eczema and dry skin conditions.
  • Water softening systems can help to reduce scale build-up from the day it is installed.

Water Softener Installation

Southern Counties Watersoftener Services Ltd supply and fit water softeners into domestic homes across Wiltshire, Hampshire and Somerset. Our knowledgeable engineers can advise on the best type of water softener for your household and specific needs. As water softener systems are low maintenance, once the system is fitted, all you need to do is keep it topped up with salt and arrange periodic maintenance visits. To find out more about our water softener installation in Salisbury and the surrounding region, please get in touch.

Glacier Water Softeners

Ideal for domestic use, Glacier water softener systems are specially designed to fit into small spaces while offering high capacity for large households. Glacier units are available in both 10L and 13L models. The 10L unit is recommended for households of 3 people or less, while the 13L unit is sufficient for three or more people.

Low power and loaded with intelligent technology, Glacier softeners will identify your regular water usage and learn how much you use. As a result, your system will never fail to satisfy your demands.

Technical data: Glacier Softener - 10L

Size: 265mm width X 535mm height X 460mm depth
Household size: 1-3 people
Power: 240V

Technical data: Glacier Softener - 13L

Size: 265mm width X 535mm height X 460mm depth
Household size: 3 people +


The Aquifer is a metered water softening unit that is compact and fits neatly underneath your kitchen sink. It is quiet, easy to use and boasts a saving of up to 40% less water consumption compared to standard metered softeners.

Technical data: Aquifer - 10L

Size: 275mm wide X 530mm high X 460mm depth
Household size: 1-3 people

Technical data: Aquifer - 15L

Size: 275mm wide X 665mm high X 460mm depth
Household size: 4+ people or 1-3 in very hard water areas

Delta Athena (non-electric water softener)

Delta is a modern and compact unit that does not require any electrical powering. It has eco-friendly credentials and a low carbon footprint due to the fact that it does not use electricity. In addition, it only uses 330g of salt and 18 litres of water for regeneration.

Delta MORAVA (non-electric water softener)

The Delta MORAVA is a Duplex Parallel water softening unit that is easy to fill. It has low water and salt consumption, making it eco-friendly and more cost-effective on refills.


The Tahoe is an advanced and efficient softener unit that is suitable for households of up to 3 people. It is available in three models including Standard, Water Save and Eco models. As a result, you can choose the perfect unit to fulfil your needs.


Our Swan water softening unit is metered and is available in 18L, 30L and 35L resin volumes. As it is metered it automatically regenerates when required. Due to the resin volume, the units are larger than some of the other softeners we offer, as a result, they are better suited to larger households.


Mistral water softening systems are available in 10L, 15L and 22L resin volumes. It is meter controlled and will regenerate after it has treated a specified amount of water. Ideal for large households, these water softening units will easily satisfy domestic demands.


The RS1 is easy to use with a digital display. With a 12.5 litre capacity it is suitable for 1-4 people. The solid unit dimensions are 585mm height X 250mm wide X 480mm deep, making it suitable for any kitchen.

Pallas Water Softener Systems

Pallas produce a range of reliable water softening units including the Mono and Duo metered water softening systems. The Mono can be programmed to regenerate when the capacity has been exhausted, whereas the Duo uses a duplex valve and contains two vessels, meaning it can deliver soft water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With both models available in mini and maxi sizes, you have the freedom to choose the right unit for your needs.

Capella (battery powered)

The Capella is a battery-powered water softening system that is available in both time controlled and meter controlled models. The range includes 10, 15 and 22-litre units so you can choose the perfect model to fulfil your soft water demand.

Cappers Coral

Cappers Coral water softening units are battery powered and easy to install. These innovative water softeners embody a modern and compact design meaning they can fit into the smallest of gaps, making them perfect for all types of kitchen. The range includes both 10 and 15-litre models.

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