Water Softeners Southampton

If you are searching for a reputable company to supply and install water softeners in Southampton, you have come to the right place. Southern Counties Watersoftener Services Ltd are specialists in water treatment and provide bespoke services to improve your water quality. Our fully qualified water engineers have extensive experience in providing tailored water treatment systems for both commercial and domestic clients. As well as installing softening systems, we can also provide water filtration and UV disinfection services. As a result, we can provide complete water treatment solutions. We regularly work across all sectors such as schools, hospitals, dentists, manufacturing, hospitality and the catering industry. To find out how we can help you improve the quality of your water supply, get in touch to arrange a free consultation.

Water Treatment Services

Having been established since 1984, we offer comprehensive water treatment services in Southampton and throughout Hampshire. Whether your water is supplied from a water main or private source such as a well or spring, we can ensure it is safe, clean and free from contamination. Our water treatment services include:

  • Water softeners for domestic, commercial and industrial clients.
  • Water filtration systems.
  • UV water disinfection.

Bespoke Water Treatment Systems Tailored to Your Needs

We specialise in designing and installing bespoke water treatment systems that are tailored to your specific needs. Our fully qualified water technicians can visit your home or commercial property to perform a site survey. While we are there we will also provide water testing and analysis. Following this, we can advise on the most suitable water treatment system to fulfil your individual needs. To arrange a free consultation, please get in touch.

Hardness in Water

Hardness in water is a common occurrence in the UK. This is because much of the country’s landscape is made up of sedimentary rock such as limestone and chalk. As a result, the water holds excess minerals such as manganese and calcium.

If you think you have hard water in your area, you may notice limescale build-up in kettles and appliances that use water such as washing machines and dishwashers. Scale build-up can also cause serious problems for central heating systems and boilers, as the mineral deposits can cause blockages and cover elements, meaning the system has to use more energy. In addition, hard water can aggravate skin ailments and will also mean that you use more detergent and soap than you should need to.

You can usually find out how hard the water is in your area from your local water supplier. Be warned though, as often their estimates do not reflect the true extent of the hardness in the water. We offer water testing and analysis as part of our water treatments services, so to find out how hard your water is, and what you can do about it, get in touch with the team.

Water Softening Systems

We supply and install domestic, commercial and industrial water softening systems in Southampton and the surrounding areas of Hampshire. We only install water softeners from leading manufacturers so you can have confidence it will stand up to your water consumption demands. Our water technicians will discuss your needs and recommend the best water softener for you.

Water Filtration and UV Disinfection

In addition to supplying and fitting water softening units, we also offer water filtration and UV disinfection for complete water treatment solutions. Our water treatment installations can reduce the risk of bacteria, viruses and contaminants by up to 99.9%. To find out how we can help you achieve a safe water supply, get in touch.

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